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Income Tax Preparation

You can trust your income tax preparation needs to Jean Thibodeau, CPA. With over 25 years of experience of serving the Rochester, New York area, we keep on top of tax law changes throughout the year to ensure that the advantages of all Federal and State tax codes are available to you.

We are a full service tax preparation firm. We include free e-filing of returns whenever possible.

Small Business Services

We are familiar with business tax practices for the following business entities: Partnerships, LLC’s, LLP’s , Corporations, Trusts & Estates, Non Profits

It is a fact that most startup businesses do not survive into the 2nd or 3rd year for many reasons including lack of a good business strategy, lack of financing, poor budgeting and cash flow among other reasons.

Having a good team of business advisors such as a knowledgeable accountant and an attorney specializing in business matters and a helpful banker can make a considerable difference in the survival of your business.

What I offer:

  • Help you determine which form of business would be best for your needs
    such as D.B.A., Corporation, or LLC (limited liability Company)
  • Help you set up and maintain an accounting system to record your business transactions.
  • Help you determine any state and local requirements such as sales tax,
    licensing requirements.
  • Help set up Payroll reporting & employee

I promise to prepare your tax returns correctly so you will pay the lowest legal tax, period. You will be able to keep all of the money that you are legally entitled to while minimizing the chances of an I.R.S. audit. If I do make a mistake (I am only human, after all) I promise to stand by my work and will pay any interest and penalties because of my errors.

If you are not happy with my services, you get a full refund. Period.

Our fees for basic income tax returns are based on forms used so we can quote an approximate price.  More complicated returns would naturally also include the cost of additional time spent on researching complicated areas of tax law, extra time obtaining additional information needed to complete your return , etc.

We offer a free initial consultation for small business owners. Call us today for an appointment!

Same Sex Couples

The federal government and many state governments do not recognize registered domestic partnerships (RDPs), civil unions, or same-sex marriages and therefore give same-sex couples no other choice than to file single returns.

However, a growing number of states allow same-sex couples to file joint state returns. Being gay myself, I keep up to date on the unique tax situations of same sex couples. Together, we'll be able to explore the best possible venue for your tax filing purposes.